Wedding Shower Themes – Killcare NSW

Marriage is a lifelong commitment, but the wedding only lasts for one day. As long as a couple understands the difference between a marriage and a wedding, they are going to have a better chance at forever. The wedding day is fun but seems to go by so fast, so perhaps that is why there are so many other events leading up to the big day. Most women have a shower beforehand, though some couples have them together. If you are planning this for a friend or loved one, think about new and modern ideas for wedding shower themes.

If the bride to want a traditional bridal shower, you can give her what she wants but with a new twist. Think of wedding shower themes that are more in line with the times. Many new brides do not need many things for around the house like they use to. They may already live with their intended, or they may have a full household of stuff on their own. A room full of people giving her toasters is not a good idea. Instead, have a theme in line with a hobby that she loves. If she is into gardening, have everyone get her something for that.

There are many other wedding shower themes that you can think of along these lines. You can get gifts just for her, or you can make it a theme that helps the couple. Perhaps they have a home already, but they may not have enough money to go on a honeymoon. Perhaps they have a favorite charity that they are passionate about and give to regularly. These can both be great new types of wedding shower themes that you can use. Make sure you know the person or people well, though, as some brides or couples may not want donations for a shower.

When the couple wants to have a shower together, your options are a bit more wide open when it comes to wedding shower themes. If the shower takes place in the summer, you can have an outdoor BBQ with all of their friends both male and female. Think of what everyone likes to do together and plan the shower around that activity or theme. If the couple is modern enough to want to have a shared shower, they are going to be more than willing to help you plan what they think everyone would enjoy.

Wedding shower themes of today can be just about anything and still be acceptable. There are no rules as long as you keep the personality of the couple or the bride alone in mind. A shower should be about celebrating the love of the couple and the life they are going to share together. Keep that in mind while you plan, and don’t stress too much. As long as you and her closest friends and family all think a shower theme is a good idea, you probably don’t have much to fear. Plan away, and don’t forget to have fun.